Food for Tongue

I am sure that we all agree that everyone has to eat. It’s not even a want but a need. For a long time eating was a passion of mine. No, I am not joking about that. I actually lived to do nothing but eat. (Yet that is for another post, down the line.) Although it is a need, it became an obsession. Fast forward to present time – I have worked hard and tried to maintain a healthy eating regiment. Which has forced me to be more vigilante with what it is I am actually eating. In short, less eating out and more cooking in.

Cooking has become more enjoyable to me. When you find that love for cooking, every now and then you find a recipe that pleasantly surprises you. Today I wish to share with you such a recipe. I came across it because my current roommate has an infinity of buying a lot of bananas but tend to have a habit of not eating them quickly enough. Normally I would make banana bread but this time I just didn’t have enough. So Google became my good friend once again.

I found a recipe for Hot Chicken Wings with Banana and Curry Sauce. Of course I made some alterations to the actual recipe. I replaced the chicken wings with chicken breast. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out. It added that nice sweetness to the curry, giving it a unique and pleasant taste. If I would add anything to this sauce it would a little bit jerk sauce. I think a little bit of kick would go great with this sauce. I would recommend this to anyone.
Happy Cooking!


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