Know What Your Choices Are Part IV – Hillary Rodham-Clinton


                  On April 26, 2015, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she was running for President of the United States, again. I have provided below some key points in her political career.

Age:       67

Place of Birth:    Chicago, IL

Current Political Office: None

Political Party:    Democrat

Political History:

1993 –    Became First Lady when her husband was elected President.

2001 – 2008 –      elected U.S. Senator for the State of N.Y

2008 –    Ran for President of the United States and didn’t win the democratic nomination

2008 –    Appointed U.S. Secretary of State

2011 –    Decline to remain on board as U.S Secretary of State

2013 –    Became a member of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Key Points:

1993 – Appoints to head of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform

1998 –    Lewinsky Scandal


2001 – 2009 –      Committee on Environmental and Public Works

2001 – 2002 –      Committee on Budget

2003 – 2009 –      Committee on Armed Services

2001 – 2009 –      Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension

Special Committee on Aging

2001 – 2009 –      Commission on Security

2001 – 2009 –      Cooperation in Europe

Standings on the Topics:

  • Pro-Choice but an advocate for adoption and foster care
  • Disagree with progressives on corporations and military
  • Advocate for the death penalty.


Voting History Link –

Official Website


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