I honestly should be working on a few other post right now and actually properly some other writing projects but I have to admit that I have had an overwhelmingly emotional experience these last few weeks. That has brought me to a great realization. True friends, the ones that brings the word friendship down to its core are very few. They are the ones that you will always grow with and never have any feelings of treat or jealousy of. Only for the fact that you know where their heart is.

         I’m not saying that you will never get upset with each other, curse at each other or even just stop talking to each other. At the end of the day you will end up meeting up with each other and learn from the experience. Most importantly you will forgive each and take accountability for your own individual actions. And watch the growth flourish.

            I have met very few people in my life that I can truly say that I have a true friendship with. Needless to that most of them are in different states. Some in different parts of the world. This bubble girl doesn’t really like leaving the safety of her bubble but let me tell you. I would leave my bubble in a heartbeat just to hang out to see them – even for a day. They know who they are.

            You really can’t take these type of friendships for granted. It’s a special kind of feeling that comes over you when you reunite or meet these people in your life. You can spend years upset with them. Swearing them off but when you finally sit down and talk things out. You feel that you have learned something from the entire horrible and miserable experience. Not to mention that you know that things are going to be alright. Another lesson learned and it’s time to move forward.

             Yeah don’t we wish that every interaction with every human being would be like this. Fortunately it’s not. I say that because if it was we would really miss out on those that can really help us grow. Those that help keep us grounded, while letting us cut loose on those few occasions. There is something so precious of that kind of friendship that you just know that things will be alright.

friendship 3

                      There is something to be said about friendships like these. Don’t fight the flow. Don’t worry. There is a strength with such friendships that will never let things truly get between it. Even if you are apart you are together.


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