Know Who Your Choices Are VI – Carly Fiona

Carly Fiorna

On May 4, 2015, Carly Fiona announced that she was officially running for President of the United States for the 2016 election. Below I have provided her career and political information below.

Age:       60

Place of Birth:    Austin, TX

Political Party:    Republican

Business Career Points:

1980’s –                 Senior VP within AT&T

1990’s –                 Became Chief Executive Officer for HP

  • Reorganized company

2001 –                    Due to reorganization HP merged with Compaq

2005 –                    Resigned from HP

2007 –                    Signed on with the Fox Business Network

Political Career:

2006 –                    Worked on John McCain presidential campaign

2008 –                    Named fundraising chair for the Republican National Committee’s “Victory”


2010 –                    Ran for U.S. Senator for the State of California

2013 –                    Appointed chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF)

Political Position:

  • Supports path for children of illegal immigrants, if they graduate from college or serve in the armed forces
  • Opposes raising the federal minimal wages
  • Supporter of California’s Proposition 8


Voting History Link –

Official Website

General Information:


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