Stepping Out of the Bubble

On the 4th of July, I had a rare occurrence. I actually had a day off on a holiday. Whoo-Hoo! So bubble girl decided to do something completely out of character for herself. I actually stepped out of my bubble. I have to admit, it felt really odd for me but it was such a pleasant experience. One would think that on a the 4th of July that Manhattan would be so crowded and busy. Luckly for me it was a rainy morning, which motivated people to stay in. so no crowds.

I have to admit that it was a breath of fresh air being out in the city again. Having the ability to catch up with a good book as I rode the bus and the subway. Even had time to work on a blog post while waiting for a friend. It has been years since I actually went out anywhere and aimlessly walked around. Got to stop at the bookstore, checked out the squares. It was nice seeing the fairs and experiencing the different cultures. I truly can’t wait to take another trip like that again. Next time I hope to be more prepared with my pad, pencil and camera.

The ideas and things that come to mind when you step out of your own bubble.


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