Series Review – Man in the High Castle


OMG! I have just completely falling in love with Amazon Prime. If it is for anything it’s for the original series called “Man in the High Castle” based on the novel by Phillip Dick, which won him a Hugo Award. I am a huge fan of Phillip Dick’s writing, and actually it appears so does Hollywood.

The episodes that I was able to view was done very well. Done in a manner that doesn’t take away from the original story. The quality of the filming is characteristic to an epic film. Did I mention that I am a hug fan of Phillip Dick’s work? It was a wonderful breath of fresh air to see how the pages of this novel has come to life. If you love a great story, that is told in an almost perfect manner. This is the series you want to watch. Not since I started watching the Game of Thrones series have I been hanging on impatiently for the next episodes.

If you are a fan of “Total Recall”, “Minority Report”, and “Blade Runner”, all writings of Phillip Dick. You will really love this adaption of this novel. So swing by Amazon Prime and check out “The Man in the High Castle”. Happy Viewing!


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