Restaurant Review – Sake Asia

Some people would bypass a place that offer an all you can eat sushi meal. Well I have to introduce you to Sake Asia, in West Babylon New York. Wow! At first you don’t think much of the place (or at least I didn’t). From the moment you are greeted by the host or hostess you are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. The place is always clean and tidy. Like every sushi restaurant, you have full view of the sushi selections and the chefs at work. The food is always fresh, made when ordered and taste great!

They also have the option of ordering from an actual menu that is separate from the all you can eat menu. If you love sushi, this is a wonderful inexpensive way to enjoy a great meal. I differently recommend this restaurant for your next sushi meal.


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Sake Asia

  1. Don’t you love those hole in the wall restaurants that you wouldn’t ever normally go in. Then you discover the wonderful-ness and you almost don’t want to tell anyone else about it because you’re scared it’ll become too popular. We have a few places like that we’re debating writing reviews about! Haha

    We’re long time foodies but new to the food blogging world. Would love you to stop by our page!!


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