We are not idiots

I know I stated that I would not share my opinion of any suppose candidate running for President but I really can’t help this. I am I the only one seeing Donald Trump as a distraction of this race. It has been years since I have been in high school (okay maybe a decade or two) but I feel that this position is being treated more as a joke then the honor that should be accompanied with it.

His actions really have me questioning – What is the Republican party is trying to distraction us from? I know that might be a bit harsh but really. I have never seen such behavior. We are not idiots and will not fall for such childish and actually inappropriate antics. Are we really going to let this guy make a mockery of the title of Commander in Chief?


5 thoughts on “We are not idiots

  1. And see, I see it from the other side. I feel like the Democrats know he isn’t a serious candidate, but lets the media hold him up as an example of “this is what all Republicans are like” to tar everyone right of center with the same brush. And lets face it, he isn’t a serious candidate, he’s a savvy businessman who uses these periodic forays into politics to build his personal brand around his outrageous and ridiculous statements, then crawls back into his slimy penthouse, having ensured good ratings for whatever entertainment venture he plans next. And anyone on the right who takes him seriously is just as bad, this is all theater and any attention we give his antics, while they last, keeps us from examining the real candidates.

    Then again I’m a libertarian and don’t think there’s a figs difference between the two parties any more, they both want to take us to the same places, the only difference is how quickly we run off the cliff. The ultimate aim with all of them is centralizing control of the people in order to keep the same little oligarchy in power.


      1. Apparently by Sunday that wasn’t true anymore (thank goodness). Last I heard on the radio yesterday it dropped to 8%. I think it was more the boost anyone seems to get briefly when they make outrageous statements because some folks flock to anything noisy. But yeah, doesn’t say much for either the voters or their attention spans.

        But yeah, the fact that anyone is even pretending to take him seriously is worrying. I feel like part of the problem is our 24/7 news cycle. We have to fill up all that time with something entertaining or outrageous and he plays right into that. Then that ends up filling all the available airtime with faux outrage at the expense of actual news. Gotta get those ratings you know.


  2. It’s interesting how politicians use gimmicks to hide their real agenda. Like the public are too stupid to see it’s all a game. But the sad thing is, the majority are. It’s heartbreaking really.


    1. It is very heartbreaking. I really don’t know why hey is doing well on the polls, it makes us look really bad. Yet it goes to show you how much the rich take the people and the governmental process seriously.

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