Social Media Overload

I am going to start by saying that I know that I am one of those people that is constantly checking my Facebook, Twitter and of course my WordPress account. That being said we as a whole (I am not just talking about just here in the United States. This has become a worldwide occurrence) have become more of a social nightmare, then a social convenience. It’s almost as there is no filter, worst yet no boundaries of personal space.

It’s not that surprising with so many people just posting things that really should be, how I can say “private”. Due to this unfiltered posting people have forgotten the concept of personal boundaries and personal space. Hence, the silent and not so silent trolls. There are times that the trolls go as far as to actually interfering with individuals in actual real life.

While having a conversation with a friend they actually stated that this behavior was due to low morality. I believe that it’s due to social overload. This brings a lack of judgement (or they just don’t care) of what they share online or say or even respond. This also rolls into what they believe is acceptable with their interaction with people face to face.

They are very few people that should be able to bring up certain topic and those would know whether or not to make your issue public or not! Those that don’t and still are those I usually illuminate from my life. That’s in real-life but when it comes to social media it almost appear as if these basic manners don’t apply. Within this era of social overload it appears that basic boundaries don’t apply anymore.

This is a symptom of social media overload. Don’t get me wrong I will blog as long as I am able to. I will be over my Facebook keeping connected to my old buddies and well Twitter the same. Despite my roommates efforts to have me go through a social media blackout. (Not going to happen!) It’s just that there should be more of a respect of others boundaries and at times their rights. Is it the cause of the lost to our privacy? Is it the reason for the constant fight to maintain our boundaries? Do you think that the social overload has gone too far?


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