Book Review: The Labyrinth of Empty

I had the pleasant experience of reading “The Labyrinth of Empty” by Heather E Hutshell, which was published by Fattybabycat Publishing in 2009. Heather E Hutshell, is an authoress of several published books, as well as an actress appearing on the T.V series “Legend and Lies”.” The Labyrinth of Empty is her most recent publication and is part two of her Twins Trilogy. I have to admit that I have to go back and read part one but I was able to make it through this book without doing so. (Completely my fault for reading this book out of order.)

Twins have been an interesting subject matter throughout time for the masses. This book does a wonderful job of exploring the different types of connection that the different sets of twins have with each other as they go through their task within this book of trying to get back to the world they know as well as maintain their new founded relationships that they have developed on their quest. The character development was done very nicely. I found myself concerned with their progress and their individual development.

Don’t let the cover of this page fool you. Although it may appear to be simple in its initial design, this book is a very good read. It reflects the characters that you will be meeting and the era they are from. Despite the fact it is not officially addressed within this book (Maybe in part one, which I will find out soon). I like it when a book cover pops out at me but I have to admit that I am happy that I didn’t let that stop me from picking up this book.

I would recommend this book if you want a simple read about the relationship and trials of four set of twins. It’s worth the read. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or her website.


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