Social Media Timeout

I just took my roommate up on a challenge. I have to admit at first it was a little bit harder that I thought. After a few more days it became quite simple and very liberating. Yet i should mention what the challenge was. My roommate challenged me to conduct a social media blackout. For one week, I did not log into my Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Google + accounts.

Until I took this challenge I never realized how much of my time was wasted on social media. During my week off I was able to catch up on so many things I just couldn’t find the time for before. Let me rephrase that, I chose to stay on social media instead of getting done what I needed to do. Lesson learned.

I definitely need to work on my time management and not get sucked into the timeless hole of social media. I honestly thought I was going to go through a massive withdrawal from not checking out the status changes, Twitter blast and blog post. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the world still turned and I didn’t need to check on those things. LOL! Now it’s time to work on my time management skills.


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