You’re Voice Matters


As summer starts winding down and the kids starts getting ready to head back to school. Whether it be for pre-school or college, there are a few days that everyone knows far too well – Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Yet in the month of November there is one very important day that people seem to think comes every four years. Actually Election Day comes up every year, not just every four years for the Presidential elections. The reason why I say this is because the three years between each Presidential election is just as important, if not more important.

Every time the Presidential election comes around, we always hear people say “It doesn’t matter if I vote or not.” ” My vote doesn’t matter.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re vote matters so much more than you think. Those three years in between the Presidential election matters the most. Yet before I get into that I need to take a few steps back.

The first thing you need to do is register to vote. As soon as I turned eighteen I couldn’t register quickly enough. These days I am completely surprised to see how many of the younger generations could care less about exercising that right to make their voice count. I know it’s not because they don’t care. With all the protesting, rioting and etc., we know that they DO care. Yet there is no motivation to actually making their voice count.

Voting is a right that has been always available to all the citizens of this country. Lives had been lost to gain this right. Yet it almost seems to be for nothing the way our younger generation doesn’t take advantage of this right.

It is very important for everyone to exercise their right to vote. It’s important to have your voice heard because it matters. Change will not occur if you don’t use the tools within the system to assist in making the desired change or lack thereof occur.

Young ones (and I am speaking to those that are eighteen years old and older) it’s very important for you to not just register to vote. It’s also important for you to come out every year (not just during the Presidential election) and make your voice count. Voting for senators and congressman on the national and local level. Voting for your assemblyman (or woman) as well. These are the people that will make the difference in your community and sometimes in the long run within the country. For example Mitt Romney introduced the model that is now used for Obama Care.

Allowing your voice to be heard by casting that vote. Conducting the proper investigation on your choices to make sure you are using your vote in a manner that is concussive to your views. If you don’t vote there is no way the government will truly know where YOU stand on the issues that matter to you? This is your world. This is your country. Stand up and make your voice be heard. Obviously they want to know what you’re saying (yes that was a jab! If you don’t get it check out Ethos and United States Secrets by PBS) so let them know.

Do yourself and the country a favor! Go Register to vote and then vote.


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