Book Review – Saint Monolith

My latest reading project was Saint Monolith but Tom Reinhart. This was the first of several stories that has been self-published by him. All together Mr. Reinhart has a total of five self-published books and to be completely honest with you if they have the intensity of Saint Monolith I really can’t wait to read them all.

When I decided that I would write the occasional book review I told myself that I would start to write my review before I started to read the last chapter. I really didn’t expect to run into a book that would cause me to break this precious rule of mine so early in the evolution of this segment of my blog. That being said, I will do my best not to give away to much of the story. No matter how excited I get about this story. Yes, I found this book that good. Imagine my joy when Mr. Reinhart announced that he was working on the sequel to this story as I was a quarter of a the way into the book. Yeepee! (Yes I was jumping up like one of the old Toyota commercial)

In 2013, we were introduced to Mason Stone. Highly decorated military war veteran turned into a highly decorated NYPD officier with a deep dark secret. We see as his mind fights off his inner demons as he relates to his view of society as whole. Fighting his desires and crimes almost become so blurred that he doesn’t know which way is truly the right way for him to go. You really can’t help to route for him as he goes on to his job with SWAT team to big some kind of order to the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Mr. Reinhart, brought Mason Stone to life in such a manner that you really don’t want to stop reading. Honestly, it felt like my normal activities of the day interfered with me becoming more familiar with interacting or shall I say peeking into the life of Mason Stone. That is how captivated I was with this book. Any time I had a moment to myself I was immersed into this book. I have to be completely honest I am not one to read books based on a police story but I after reading this I think I have to re-evaluate that conclusion.

On Mr. Reinhart’s Amazon profile it states that he is a fan of comic books and this story reflects that influence. Which adds to his unique style of writing. The title was so unique that I had no choice but to look up the meaning of the word Monolith. According to Webster, monolith is defined as following:

a very large stone that is usually tall and narrow; especially : a stone that was put in position by people as a monument or for religious reasons

: a very large building or other structure

: a very large and powerful organization that acts as a single unit 

Just to show you what you might be in for in this story. 

Mr. Reinhart’s writing style has been categorized as unique. That is an accurate description. You are completely sucked into his world from the first page and even as you read the last word you are left wanting more. Even if this is not your genre I would highly recommend giving this book a read. I will be reviewing more of his work and look forward to be taken to another adventure.

If you want to know more about Tom Reinhart checkout the following link:

Until next time – Happy Reading!


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