Know Who Your Choices Are – XXI – Scott Walker


***Since the posting of this blog Scott Walker has withdrawn from the Presidential race. ***

On July 13, 2016, Scott Walker announced that he will be running for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Below I have provided you a brief make up of his political background.

Age: 47

Place of Birth:  Colorado, CO

Current Political Office:  Governor of Wisconsin

Political Party:  Republican

Political History:

          2006  – Ran for Governor for the state of Wisconsin, dropped out of race in April

          2010   –  Elected Governor of Wisconsin

           2014   – Re- elected Governor of Wisconsin

Political Standings:

               –   Opposes Abortion

                –   Supporters of N.R.A

                –   Opposes same sex marriage


Official Web site:

Voting History:

Other links:


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