Know Who Your Choices Are – UPDATE

So far I have covered all the candidates that you have seen on the national media. YEAH! As I have done more research there is a lot more people that have their hat in the ring for the 2016 elections. So I will be working my tiny little hands getting out information out about those that the major media outlets have basically blacked out.

Like I mentioned before I will not use this outlet to promote any particular canidates (That says nothing about my Twitter and Facebook account!) Again I want to say that this is an effort to aide you (the voter) make an informed decision on who you chose to vote for in this upcoming presidential election. If you are not registered yet I highly encourage you to do.


4 thoughts on “Know Who Your Choices Are – UPDATE

  1. I appreciate your useful intention, but for myself I read those voter guides put out by the state auditor’s office, and try my best to ignore every candidate’s media material, since everyone will lie on their own behalf.


    1. Would you like to share the link so we could have a chance to use this resource as well. I also realized that the next batch of candidates don’t really have a political background. They are putting the effort out there, we should be aware of them.


      1. I would be happy to, but I don’t have a “link”. They come in the snail mail, along with our ballots. Here in WA we vote entirely by mail. However, each state puts out some version of the same. It’s probably at “(your state name).gov”. They assemble and print them a couple of months before each election. They are also available free at any Public Library.


        1. I live in New York but I will definitely research this on my next day off. Can’t actually do one for every state but I can certainly point people in the right direction. Thanks for the info. I love it when you learn something new everyday.

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