For My Blogging Buddy

When I started blogging again it was done so I can connect with like minds (which I have done.) as well as having the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinion with the thinkers of the World Wide Web. Yet I am starting to notice a trend when it comes to a lot of my blogging friends. I find this trend occurring a lot with more of my veteran blogging friends.

The issue has gotten so bad that on in particular one (OM) been forced to completely change the format and the type of information on his blog. Although I have yet to hit one year as a blogger here on this site, I have come to know a lot of people that have been here much longer than I. I have seen them come under attack by trolls, as well as having his writings stolen and sold by other people. (Mostly OM) I am not even talking about those that had taken upon themselves to put in complaints to the actual site about that particular blog site… I can only assume that there was a large influx of these type of complaints.

Personally, if I found a site that I come across offended me I would just not visit it anymore. I am a believer in “freedom of speech”, so if I don’t like what you’re saying I don’t have to listen to it. Nor do I have to engage. Just saying! Well it appears that not many in the great U.S.A believe the same. Despite what it says in the constitution. Well it appears that OM had no choice but to completely change his blog. The free flowing post that use to bring a smile to my face was completely changed to more of a how-to blog post, with less of his opinionated self. 😦

Are we actually hitting an age of censorship of the common words? Are we hitting an age where the writer is not protected from having your work, thoughts and emotional rambling stolen so another can profit from it? What are the rights of the daily blogger? If we have any at all.


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