Book Review – Judgement


This review is completely overdue. Trust me it’s not due to lack of interest, to be completely honest I couldn’t wait to get this review on paper. ( Had to figure a way of writing this review without ruining the experience for the you the reader.) First thing I have to say is that I truly believe that I have found my new favorite indie author. This is not just due to his unique and eloquent storytelling skills. He is also very appreciative of his fan base and treats them like family. Well enough of the brown nosing, let’s get down to business.

My latest read was Judgment by Tom Reinhart. While reading this book I was taken on a wonderful and pleasant literary journey. Mr. Reinhart (Tom to his fans and friends), paints a vivid and clear picture of how a typical work day slowly turns from normal and regular to waking nightmare for all. And when I say all I mean the entire world. This uniquely told story about the the sudden occurrence of the “moment of judgment”, will take you… Correction will suck into this story as you follows the main characters as they tried to make their way through this time of Judgment. To their dismay there was much more that they need to avoid outside their own personal judgment. Despite the title of this book, the plot is not as predictable as one would imagine. This book makes you actually ask yourself some internal questions. What would you do to survive the “moment of judgment”? Would you avoid your own personal judgement? How far would you go to avoid it? These are some of the questions that this story stirs within your mind. While showing you the personal struggles of the believers as well as the non-believers, internally as well as externally.

You can’t help but to get absorbed in this what you can and can’t get away with to survive Judgment day. Well as long as a person can. The description of the environment was so vivid that I can honestly say I can’t walk down the city streets without thinking back to certain scenes within the book. The religious tone in this book is not over the top, so you need not worry about that. In a matter of fact, he depicted the real spiritual struggle of every human through his characters. The questions that has popped into mind throughout life. He also paints a clear and unbiased picture of their different viewpoints and reactions to their current situation. This is a book I would highly recommend taking the time to read for your enjoyment.

If you want to check out what Mr. Tom Reinhart is up to check out his website: He also has a new release coming out for Thanksgiving, so keep an eye on for Saint Monomith 2 : The Saint of Seven Mile. If you are looking for something to read you can pick up the following books at Amazon :

Saint Monomith


Das Vampir

Das Vampir 2



Remember to check out and support your indie artist. They don’t do it for the money (not entirely but everyone has bills to pay), they do it because they love to share their talents with the masses. Hopefully, you will have a chance to experience the true heart of an indie artist. Until next time, enjoy life and check an indie artist.

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