Book Review – Das Vampir

Today I would like to share with you a nice introduction to a vampire series from Tom Reinhart called “Das Vampir”. Within this novella, Mr. Reinhart display his adaptable skill of storytelling skills as he takes you on a thrilling journey.

The cover of this book is nice and simple. Within it’s simplicity it portrays the horrors that will be encountered within it. Appealing to all lovers of anything truly vampire. As an introduction to this series it was very intriguing and captivating. The interaction between the characters comes off very naturally. You actually feel as if you are there with them.

If it wasn’t for the title of the book, you wouldn’t know that you would be dealing with the ancient monster as the vampire. He assist in showing the savage side of this monster that we have come to love. This is a quick read that pays off to be very entertaining. Anyone that loves to read anything about monster would get hooked and wanting more.

This book leaves you wanting to know more about this monster and where he will come up next. I have to say that after reading this book I ran to read the next in the series “Das Vampir II”. I highly recommend this read if you love everything vampire like I do. Also if you appreciate the true telling to the vampiric storytelling as to the adaptation of the “Twilight” series. ( I am not a fan of that particular series).

You can purchase this book at or Happy reading!


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