The Significance of the Buddy Check

For the last two months there have been a reoccurring event that has been going on Facebook. (As far as I can tell) called the “Buddy Check”. As a veteran this is a great as well as an important event. You may have seen some of your military friends posting something on their status referencing this. So you maybe asking yourself, ” What exactly IS a Buddy Check?”

For anyone who has ever served you know who your buddy is. Your comrades in arms. The one that shares that foxhole with you. You’re buddy! Now that you have grasp of the concept of what a “buddy” is, let’s me take a moment to explain what a “Buddy Check” is.

A buddy check is a day (the 22nd of the month), when you “check in” on your buddy and make sure that their doing okay. The buddy that this particular event is focusing on are all the veterans from all the branches. You really don’t have to wait on that day to check on a veteran. This is to help bring awareness that every day a veteran commits suicide for one reason or another.

A lot of veterans actually check in on the event page – They provide a status on how they are doing, location, and etc. Then there are those that conduct a shout out from their actual status on Facebook. Usually it’s an active military person, veteran or someone that is affiliated in one form or another. So if you have a chance and know a veteran give them a buzz on the 22nd (or any day for that matter), give them that reassurance that there is help for them if they are going through a hard time. Or better yet that YOU are there for them.

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