Know Who Your Choices Are – Wrap Up

As November has come upon us so very quickly, it appears that the candidates have all announced themselves for the office of President of the United States. Both of the major parties have had a least one debate each. The nud continues to swing as the herd is slowly thinned out. America so far these are your choices for the race of President of United States.

With that it appears that my series has come to an end. (Until we have more come out of the woodworks). It has been an actual learning experience for me. I believe that I have become that more educated as a voter. As promised I didn’ favor any particular candidate. Whew! That was REALLY hard.

I sincerely hope that this series have been very informative for you as much as it has for me. I don’t have to admit I really don’t know hat my next series will be. Keep an eye out and feel free to drop a line.


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