The Wonderful Thing About Kindness

When you live in a highly populated area it can be really easy to forget how far  a simple act of kindness can actually go. I’m not talking about a great act of kindness that causes the many to sing your praises. Actually those are quite easy to accomplish and do. I am speaking about those one on one interactions. The one that may or may not get you a thank you but will provide you a reaction of gratitude that words could not provide.

I thought of bringing this up because I was on the receiving end of such a kindness and it took me being on the receiving end of such an act to realize how important such gestures are appreciated and needed.

It’s really easy to get lost when you’re living in a highly populated area. Everyone is just easily overlooked and those that are observate basically keeps their observation to themselves. Well it was on one of these days that I was travelling the wonderful transit system of New York City. Like every other New Yorker I really didn’t pay too much attention to the random faces that passed by. Keeping my focus on how I was getting to my destination. I was standing on the platform waiting for my train lost within my own mind. Out of nowhere this man comes up to me. I personally thought he was lost or something.

Instead e simply informed me – “Be sure to walk in between the streams of water” I looked at him with the most confused look. Seeing the look on my face he finished off with – “Because sugar melts in water.” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. It wasn’t a fake laugh either. It was actually genuine. I really couldn’t say if it was because I was completely surprised by the interaction or that I actually needed to hear something like that.

I didn’ realize that while I was stuck in my mind that I really wasn’t in a good mood. I wasn’t actually feeling my inner pride. His random act of humor and kindness brought me out of my bad mood. (Which I didn’t realize that I was in by the way) and placed me in a better frame of mind. When I started smiling he added – “You have a beautiful smile. Keep smiling!”

That little act of kindness actually placed me in a happier and joyful place. Yeah I know the words were corny. Yet it was the wonderfully random kind words f this stranger that did something so major for me (the individual) Yeah, Yeah! I know I’m a big sap. Yet that completely stranger turned my attitude around. For that I have o say “THANK YOU!”

After I got home form this rare experience, I got to thinking how I was completely turned off my lot of stuff that I was viewing on my social media stream. How truly negative it really was. It got so bad that I had to start unfollowing certain people. That is when I started to notice more positive information on my feed. NOt just positive information but ideas for that random act of kindness that would actually make a difference to the person receiving the gesture. For example:


Such a wonderful idea and there are much, much more out there. All we have to do is shift our way of thinking and viewing things to be more prescriptive to the positive. Maybe actually being the giver will help you as well. You will never know unless you give it a try.


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