Supporting Our Indie Artist

In today’s society we are flooded with so much information about the “popular kids”. You know the one’s I’m talking about – celebrities. The people and works that mainstream media deem worthy for the mass public. The sad part is that the mass public usually buys into these trappings.  The reason that I find this sad is because it causes many to miss out on some great and genuine talent. Talent that usually surpasses the talent of those that the mainstream has deemed fit for the masses.

That being said I truly believe it’s important for us (the public) to make that extra effort to seek out and support those little known artist out there. There are so many wonderfully talented indie artist use their own hard earn money, which they have made on their day job. They don’t do it to become the next Hemingway or Anne Rice. Although I doubt such notably wouldn’t actually be turned away. They don’t do it to make million, although I’m sure they would appreciate it. They do it for the love of doing it.

These are the true artist because they do it simple for the love of doing it. They do it simply to share their talents with anyone that would and could enjoy it. These are the indie artist of today. Yes, they are many as well as talented. They cover several genres, assuring that you will be sure to find something that appeals to your particular taste. These are a group of very talented people, who truly don’t get enough praise or credit for their talents. Keeping this in mind, I would highly recommend picking your favorite genre. It could be literature, photography, art or whatever it is that you are into. There is sure to be an artist that is into it as well. So why not support these artist by actually purchasing their work. (Preferably from their directly).

It’s worth the effort to actually spend the time to actually give them some feedback. It could be via an e-mail, or even typing up an actual review on their site (or any site that offer that options). In some rare cases you maybe have the fortunate opportunity of telling them face to face.

These artist deserve our support. A lot of the indie artist tend to be self-supporting and promoting. For those that are going through some promotional company, they usually only make pennies on the dollar for their hard work. They are worth so much more. They are worth our support, just for the shear fact that do it for nothing but the love of sharing their art. So make the effort to support our very talented and deserving indie artist.


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