Indie Spotlight – Intro –

I have been on my soapbox again. No, I am not talking about the political soapbox (believe it or not that is not my favorite topic.) However, I have been on the kick to drum up support for our indie artist out there. I am quite passionate about this particular subject. So much so that I would like to introduce you to my new ongoing series called “Indie Spotlight”

I actually started this series (unknowingly), by writing some book reviews for the author Tom Reinhart. This spotlight will not be restricted to just book reviews. Yet I have to admit reading is my thing. So I am going to try to branch out a little and indulge myself with everything indie.

If you have a genre or an indie artist that you want to get the word out about drop me a line and I will add them for review for the “Indie Spotlight” series. In the meantime don’t forget to support our artist. Don’t steal their work but actually purchase it. Peace out!


The Loon


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