Missing out

There is a saying that goes something like “Don’t allow someone to rent too much real estate within your mind”. To be perfectly honest I have to admit I actually like this saying. I don’t believe that it only reference just people either. It applies to many things, whether it be an events, concepts, and so much more. There are many things that can cause you to fixated on any particular person or thing, it may cause you to miss out on what really matters. It could cause you to miss out on the bigger picture or a even a better way or route.


No matter the situation we tend to overlook that the possibilities are always endless no matter the situation. Yet when you become fixated on that ONE thing, which can cause you to miss out. It is very important for us to keep this in mind as well as keep an open mind. Stay open to new ideas, new concept, new people and so much more. Remember a closed mind can cause you to lose out on some great opportunities.


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