Indie Spotlight – Book Review


An elderly couple that has lived a very modest and dutiful life have found themselves face to face with the most imaginable. How does one rationalize this? What do you do? This is where Helen and Peter has find themselves.


This is the journey that Das Vampir 2, takes us on. Deving into the horrors as told by Tom Reinhart. Once again, he places his twist on the classic monster tale that has fascinated us for decades. He keeps you captivated as you are entertained with a great vampire story.


The location that this story takes place may be isolated. Yet it appears what isolate these characters more is their age. This may not hinder their desire to survive. The interaction between the characters are so natural and realistic that you get that familiar feeling about them. Like you knew them for most of their lives. You are moved by their beautifully amazing world. If you are a fan of a well told horror story (who isn’t!), then you will love to indulge yourself in this story. This story leaves you wanting more. You sit there in anticipation of the next edition to this series.  


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