Do you know your tribe?

Many of us may find my next statement a hard pill to swallow, yet i have to say it. No one can go through life alone. There are times that you will want to sit there and say to yourself “I can do this on my own.” It really doesn’t matter how strong of a person you tend to be or even believe yourself to be. You simply cannot do it alone. This is why it is important for us to find our tribe. At this point you might be asking yourself “What do you mean?”


The first thing you need to try to do is understand what I mean when I say your tribe. There are people that would describe it as your close knit friends.Within my hearts of hearts I really don’t believe that this definition give this group of people the proper credit. This is your tribe, they deserve a better title. These group of individuals are as close to family that they can be without being blood related. (Although you may have a few associated within your tribe). These are also the individuals that you can discuss everything and anything with. There is never a feeling of judgment or rejection among this group. Their response will always be openly honest and quite candid. These are also the ones that don’t pull punches. All because they really don’t have to. Yet they will, just because they are part of your tribe and know you will enough to know what you can handle.


It is essential for an individual to find their own tribe. In this world where everyone is looking out for themselves your tribe is our dependable support system. This tribe will help you make it through your most trying times in your life. Those times where you truly can’t muster the strength to actually lift yourself up. They are also their to tout and celebrate your high points as well. Whether it may come across as harsh or not, their words are always filled with encouragement.  Your tribe will always be wonderful because if you truly believe that you really have to do it all by yourself. This is the group that will let you believe that you are doing just that.


You have to remember that your tribe is your lifeline. Keep in mind that you just can’t let anyone into your tribe. You have to be selective. So be just that, not everyone is worthy of being admitted into your tribe.


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