Are you up for the challenge?

Everyone has reached that time in their life when they turn around and say to themselves.  “Can I really keep going?” or accompanied with a heavy sigh, “Why is this so hard?”. There are so many others questions that could develop within our mind.Well during this Thanksgiving, I had the great fortune of catching up with some friends that I have lost connection with. We spent a wonderful time catching up with each other. We shared our trials and tribulation. While we were sitting there basically complaining about life my friend Ali made the most profound statement that I heard the entire weekend – “Being Alive Hurt”. After she made this statement we all stopped and briefly had our a-ha moment.  (Now please don’t take my next thought to mean that life is suppose to be painful all the time.)


That statement rang so true that it stunned us silent. There are truly times within our lives when it truly hurt. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I want to stress again that life doesn’t have to always be painful. However there will be times in our lives when it just hurts. We DO have to realize that no one ever said that this life was going to be easy. Or pain free for that matter. .To be perfectly honest, I feel that sometimes that hurt reminds us that you’re living life and actually making it through. Isn’t that the reason that we are on this planet – to live?


Yes, it is true that being alive hurt. Yet you must ask yourself – what are doing with your hurt? Are you sitting down wholling in it? Or are you using it to your benefit? Are you taking the lessons that is causing the hurt and using it to your own personal growth?  This is not a time for you to lie down and give up. No matter how much you may want to.


Lick our wounds. Pick yourself up. Keep taking those steps into your life. You will be so proud of yourself when you look back and see that you actually made it through.


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