The human race is a very complex and multi-layered bunch. Within these multilayers exist layers of multiple flaws and cracks. Every individual being have ownership of their own set of unique cracks. There are so many that would like to believe that these cracks exist for everyone else but for them. To actually adopt this belief could do you more harm than anything else. Honestly taking a look at these cracks is anything but easy. For some it’s even difficult admitting that they even exist for them. It’s just too painful to even open their eyes and take a look at their cracks.  


These are the cracks that actually demand our attention. What makes it completely difficult is that these tend to be the hardest thing to actually look at or even admit to ourselves. We have such an impossible goal for perfection that many of us can’t accept the fact there we have blemishes let alone cracks. They are what makes us unique. They are what makes us, us. They are what makes us the person that we are.  Providing us with our unique persona. For this reason alone we should learn to embrace our cracks. It is key to accept everything about ourselves, the good as well as the bad.
Once you take that action to accept those cracks that exist within you, that is when you see that those cracks don’t appear as awful or ugly as we had first imagined. That acceptance makes it that much easier for us to take a real look at our cracks. This gives you the chance to make a true and honest assessment of yourself. Making it that much easier to grab your spade and gout, to start patching yourself back together. Accepting your cracks don’t necessarily make it less difficult for you to face your cracks but it does make it a bit easier.When you decide to face your cracks it should not be looked upon as a burden. It should not be seen as a painful task. Instead it should be embraced as accepting yourself as a whole.


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