Mind, Body and You – Intro

As of late I have been on what most would call a health kick. I personally consider it the after effects of a break down (that is to be explain in another blog.) Any who! I have found myself on a journey I like to call – Mind, Body and Me. For blogging purposes I will call it – Mind, Body and You. Yes I know what this sounds like. One of those sappy self-discovery post. Well it just might be. Let’s find out then.

As I mention before I have become very conscious and aware of my internal health or should I say lack of…. I have to admit that my journey has just begun, so by no means do I see myself of an expert on any level. In fact I am like a new born baby rediscovering how to live in a healthy and productive manner. I have to admit that my journey only started only a few months ago. Yet in these few months I have learned so much, mostly how important it is to mind your general health and too maintain it as well. It is so easy to caught up with hustle and bustle of the day to day and forget about one’s self basis needs.

There hit a moment in life where you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s when that moment hits is when you begin to revert to what truly feels right for you own well-being. So with all this long windiness. I guess we all know what’s coming up next.

Yup. Me and my series are never ending. 🙂 So I am announcing that I starting a series titled “Mind, Body and You”. Hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me.


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