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Happy Day all! I have to admit this is one of the post that I am excited about. I was able to wrangle one of my favorite Indie writers and interview him. This is my first of (I hope) many interviews. I was able to grab an interview with Tom Reinhart. For those of you that are not familiar with my previous post. Mr. Reinhart is a self-publish author that has with a growing list of wonderfully written novels. You can check out all of his writings at and you can order his books at (Don’t forget to leave a review at Amazon when you order) I have written a few reviews on only a fraction of his books. (Don’t worry. I will be writing more.) Well let’s get to it then. Here is my interview with the one and only Mr. Tom Reinhart.

The Loon: What is your inspiration for your writings?

Tom Reinhart:   The first writer I was ever a fan of was Robert E Howard. In studying him I think we have a lot in common, a lot of shared views about the world. The things I write now I think come from a need to vent. I just have a lot of angst inside that gets released through writing.

The Loon:  When did you start writing?

Tom Reinhart:   I would say the 3rd grade when I wrote a play for the class to perform. It was my rendition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After that I was creating my own comic books and just never really stopped writing after that. My  subject matter just matured as I did.

The Loon:     Did you ever publish those comic books?

Tom Reinhart:  Nope, but I do think often of turning my books into graphic novels someday.

The Loon:  You’re books hit so many different genres, (which is rare for an author) is there  any  particular reason for that?

Tom Reinhart:  Honestly there’s no particular reason. I actually  don’t understand a writer  who locks themselves in a genre, because that has to be by design. I never ever choose what to write about. A moment of inspiration hits me, an idea screams to get out, and I just start writing. I really don’t care what genre someone says it fits in.

The Loon:   Do you consider yourself an indie artist?

Tom Reinhart:  I would say yes. I have no corporate sponsor or publisher to answer to. I have no one marketing for me. I have no one doing anything. So I’m free to do what I want, and as long as people keep liking what I do, I’ll keep doing it. And to me writing is definitely an art. Weaving words together in a certain order to evoke emotion is the same as doing it with musical notes or a brush full of paint.

The Loon:     You are so welcoming and open with your fans. Do you find it difficult and  time consuming to keep up?

Tom Reinhart:    I do sometimes, but I’ll never change that. Without the people who support that I do, I’d be just some crazy guy talking to himself. There is nothing at all in this world that touches me more than when someone I  don’t now comes along and thanks me for writing, tells me that I’ve  affected them somehow. That still amazes me.

I had a fan that I knew only through Facebook, but she would often email  and support me. There was a time when I didn’t want to write any more, and she came along praising me and it made me keep going. Just last week I saw a post saying she had suddenly passed away. I have to tell you that affected me as if it was my own family. That’s hard to explain to people. I am grateful for my readers, I am their biggest fan.

The Loon:     You are a big supporter of our troops. Can we expect a military theme book  from you soon?

Tom Reinhart:  I actually started one that may yet see publication one day. I held back on it because it had political opinions in it and I didn’t feel like pissing off half the country. We’ll see what happens in the future with it.

The Loon:         Can we look forward to a thank you or salute to the troops?

Tom Reinhart:    Actually I do that often in my everyday life, on my Facebook, etc.

The Loon:         What is your favorite book from your youth?

Tom Reinhart:     When I was really young it was a book called “The secret of NIMH”.  Then  it was “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.  Then I got a little older and it was The Hobbit and anything by Robert E Howard.

The Loon:       Is there a genre that you see as a challenge?

Tom Reinhart:      Well, I can’t really answer that one because there are genres I haven’t written in yet. But my belief is if you are good at putting words together in a way that affects people, then it shouldn’t matter what theme of  story it is. Writing is writing, good or bad. Subject matter should have  no effect on that. If you are a great race car driver, what’s the difference  if you jump into a Ford or a Chevy?

The Loon:        What is your personally favorite genre?

Tom Reinhart:      I like so many things. Definitely Fantasy and Science Fiction, followed by a little horror. I really couldn’t get into any romance drama type of stuff, unless there’s a little Penthouse Forum mixed in.  😉

The Loon:      Who is your favorite indie artist?

Tom Reinhart:     C.L. Schneider. Anyone reading this needs to check her out. Another great ‘fan friendly’ indie writer.

The Loon:      Since C.L Schneider, is your favorite Indie author. Do you happen to have a favorite book by her?

Tom Reinhart:       The Crown of Stones

The Loon:     Have you ever served in the military?

Tom Reinhart:   No, but I’m a huge fan and supporter, as I am with first responders back  home like police officers. These men and their families risk and sacrifice everything for shit pay just to protect our safety. They deserve all the support and appreciation we can muster.

The Loon:     What advice would you give an aspiring indie author?

Tom Reinhart:   Don’t expect or seek fame and fortune. Just write because you enjoy it,   and do it well. If you do those two things, the others will come on their own.

Please check out Tom Reinhart at the websites provided above. You won’t regret it.




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