Chocolate Heaven


Once again I have left the comfort of my little bubble and ventured out into the real world. What wonderful things I have found out there in this ever changing world. I must first start by saying that I am the worst when it comes to chocolate. I have never met a piece of chocolate that I didn’t automatically fall in love with, ever. It is an addiction that I have claimed and will hold onto for dear life. That being said, imagine my joy when I was introduced to a wonderful little chocolate shop called “NUNU” located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, NYC. I have to admit that I have not had the opportunity to try every single one of their chocolates. Yet this is a chore I have challenge myself to accomplish. Oh Whoa is me! 😉

A little bit about this beautiful little shop. This particular place has been around for quite sometime, I believe at least five years. This Long Islander, considers this one of the best secrets in Brooklyn. (Well now that the cats out of the bag, I guess it’s no longer a secret.) Their chocolate bean is farmed in an Eastern part of Columbia and you can definitely taste the authenticity in every bite. There are so many types of chocolates that they offer, which is manufactured on site in Park Slope and packaged in Boreum Hill. So there is no question on the freshness or quality put into these treasures. I had the pleasure of visiting their flag ship location in Boreum Hill. It’s a quiet spot where I could enjoy their many choices of drinks. Whether it be a glass of wine, a glass of beer or any of their different types of nonalcoholic drinks. Accompanied with one of their many types of chocolates which include blends like Earl Grey, Double Dark, Raspberry, Prosecco, Espresso and Hazelnut. Just to mention a few! Definitely having me coming back for more.

It’s such a wonderful environment where you could either distress from your stressful day or you can just find time to catch up with some old friends. The staff is very informative and full of knowledge of their product. They can assist you with even finding the correct favor to match the desire of your palette. Providing you an oasis of sugary harmony for your mouth. I would share with you my favorites but what fun would it be for me to take away the pleasure of trying every single one on your own. If you don’t have a chance to go and “try them all on your own”. Don’t fret! You can order it from their website  or you can check out the list of distributors on their website. There you can also find every single one of their delicious selections. Ready to be delivered to your doorstep.  If you can make your way downtown their locations are:

Nunu Chocolates—Flagship Store
529 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

M-F 7am-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-9pm


Nunu Chocolates Cafe & Tap Room
179 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

M-F 7am-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-9pm

I highly recommend this place to every chocoholic. Or non-chocoholic to satisfy your sweet-tooth. Hope to run into my newest favorite spot. So go on down and a sit and relax.

 The Loon


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