Making Connections


On August 3, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event which highlighted the young and energetic entrepreneurs within the tristate area. Basically showing you their products as well as how one can really get it done. If you are even thinking about dipping into becoming an entrepreneur or you are and need to do a little networking this is the event you would want to attend. These events are held on the first Wednesday of every month. For details you can check out –


This particular event was hosted by BeCrowned, Inc. BeCrowned is an event marketing company that provide services that range from public relations, image consultation, wedding planning and so much more. This particular event is a testament toward their professionalism and keeping focus on the true intent of the particular event they host. You can check out their services at – . I had the pleasure of speaking briefly with the co-owner, Sharissa Barnett. Her vision mixes well with the creative at heart, accompanied with the passion as well as the determination of a business focused person. No matter how crowded the room when speaking with her, she provides you with her full and undivided attention. She captivates you with her vision. There is a saying on her business card that I feel sums up this savvy business woman. “Find inspiration where you can, a creative mind never sleeps.” – S. Barnett


On this particular night three entrepreneurs were showcased. We had Marsha Forrester form Jade & Jasper, Toni Olucanya from Raw Hollywood and Aaron Alexander from Brooklyn Blue and Coquito de NY. I’m going to start with a woman’s good friend – Jewelry. You can actually check out Marsha Forrester’s entire inventory at Within this website you will find that elegant finishing touch to any of your ensemble. Whether you’re dressed for the boardroom, courthouse or just a night out. The prices do vary but no matter your budget you will find something within your taste. Marsha can pair you up with your unique style, she had been a distributor since the beginning of this year. Her selection is always fresh, not to mention ALWAYS fashionable. 


The second entrepreneur is Toni Olusanya, founder and owner of Rawhollywood. Toni tailor makes each piece per order. Which is a rare and impressive. Her styles are African inspired with the urban swag. She has been producing these fine attire for the world for the past six months. You can see the quality of her work at first glance. Her Cali Kush style positivity pops out at you. The Queens style is a wonderful top of to any ensemble. You can actually check out her styles and place orders at It’s worth the stop and check it out. You will be so glad that you did. 


The third entrepreneur is Aaron Alexander owner of Brooklyn Blue. Aaron works in collaboration with Coquito De NY. This collaboration of art and liquor gives us the wonder flavor filled refreshing drink called Brooklyn Blue. This wonderful goodness is made with Rum, Dairy, Coconut and Fresh Pineapple. Take it from me its wonderful goodness for the palette. Once you have a test taste you will want the actual drink. 😉 You can catch them at the C.A.N.V.A.S Metal Luxe Exhibition on 9/3/2016 at the I.M.A.G.E Gallery NYC. You can also check out their latest event at their website –

As I mentioned earlier these events are held on the first Wednesday of every month. Drop down for a visit have a visit and see who is out there offering what. You never know you might discover your passion to become your own boss. 

The Loon


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