Making More Connections

Once again BeCrowned, Inc has compiled a group of innovating, brilliant and very charismatic group of entrepreneurs for a successful Y.E.S event on October 5. This monthly event is a gold mine for those looking to support and network with like minded entrepreneurs. The next upcoming YES! Mixer is Wednesday, November 2nd and they have a few surprise announcements coming too. BeCrowned is a full service production company that specializes in social, corporate and special events outside of the YES! Mixer. Check them out at –


During this event I had to the pleasure of speaking to three innovating business women. I was able to catch up with two  previously featured entrepreneurs and their progress since the last event. Also we were introduced to a single of an up and coming artist. First I would like to start with the updates. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Toni Olusanya of Raw Hollywood. The word is out on this seamstress talents. Her product has moved as a result of this. She informed me that she is organizing a fashion show with her fellow designers. I am sure it will be a show NOT to miss, so keep an eye out around the May time frame. Until May arrives you can check out new styles at her website –


The second business that I had the pleasure of catching up with is the owner of Brooklyn Blue and Brooklyn Coquito, Aaron Alexander. He has also felt some growth in his business where Brooklyn Blue is being served in at least two bars in the downtown Brooklyn bar area. Yet that’s not it. As winter rolls around it’s coming that time for him to release the seasonal drink called Brooklyn Coquito. He assured me that it’s worth the taste. So keep an out for this wonderful drink or you can order it directly at his website –


I had the pleasure of speaking to Latifa McAlpin, the wonderful creature of Diamante Glam. Diamante Glam is a cosmetic line designed specifically for women of color. Providing a much needed alternative of tasteful make-up for all skin tones. Her website is in the works but you can get a peek of her product by following her on Instagram as @Diamanteglam. For us woman of all types of shades this is quite a refreshing line to check out.


The second new business that i had the pleasure experiencing the products of Almond Essence. The wonderful creations from Dominique D. Dowd. These are truly “Natural Products for Natural Beauty”. (Her words not mine, although I hold hardly agree.) Dominique, provided a collection of body cremes and skincare, that help benefits your skin, body as well as appearance in a natural manner. She mix and whip her products with the most natural ingredients that she could find. You can find her products and order them at –


As a craft brewer this next showcase is the founder and winemaker of LoveLee Wine. The input from this wine is that it’s very refreshing taste is a nice accompaniment with ever the occasion. At this point it’s not out in the liquor stores but they are able to cater your upcoming events. It would be a wonderful addition to any party – big or small.

Lastly, I would like to tell you about the wonderful songstress that was also at this event. Her name is Fabiola Paul and she released a new single called ‘I ain’t worried’. This was a hype and moving song that only shows only an ounce of what she have in store for us and the world. I asked her encouragement to anyone going after their dreams, she stated “Be who you truly are”. Fabiola is Haitian American and is also working with an organization to assist the survivors of Haiti after the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. You can download her single on I-tunes and you can follow her on twitter as @fabiolaiam.

Keep an eye out for more of this connection series and maybe a more in depth insight on some of the featured entrepreneurs. Until next time, keep an eye out on the next event.


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