What a week!

Last week was an extremely emotionally filled week. Despite the fact that there were two primary candidates for the elections that the majority was choosing from. When I say majority I mean the entire population of the United States. The democratic system at work and the results developed unlike the majority would like. I like the majority was completely shocked by the outcome of this election. It has taken my this long to actually gather my thoughts to actually put this post together. I debated if I actually even wanted to post but with the load outcry of disappointment and protest that occur I feel that the issue should at least be address.

I didn’t sit down and watch the outcome develop like most of the country. I decided to get a good nights sleep. A decision that I was happy I made. To my shock and discovered like the rest of the country that we had an unexpected president. It was not the choice I expected the rest of the country to pick. I was in shock . I was in disbelief. As I prepared myself for the day I was trying my hardest to wrap my head around the news that I heard. I did something I usually don’t do. I simply responded with a good morning to all my Facebook friends. It didn’t take thirty minutes to get the response that I expected. “On what planet!” I replied from my heart (which is something I usually don’t do on social media. I stated that at that moment I couldn’t express what was in my heart but the country had spoken and all I could do at this moment is pull up our pants and try to move forward. When I responded I didn’t exactly know what I meant. There was much reflection that needed to be done from this point on. So many questions that needed answers. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Those two answers have so many answers. (None that I will address within this post. Maybe in another one).

As the days went on, protest popped up all over the country. The entire world shared their reaction to our choice. Even acts of violence occurred against our fellow countrymen. The latter caused me to question – Is this how our democracy really work? I feel that violence is not the answer. That being said I realize there is a way we can fight to keep our liberties and the advantages that we have reached so far. Protesting is one but not blindly protesting. Choosing the correct battles to fight is key. Believing or not writing letters to those in the house that have been elected to represent us in the house and the senate. Another key is making sure our voice is heard on a local level as well.I feel that we have laid complacent for far too long. Changes have to be made. We should make sure that the changes are fair and beneficial with all, without imposing on the rights of others.

The next four years will be challenging to many. Yet we can pull through.We are one country and need to stand together to uphold the rights of every person, no matter what their religion, race, gender identification, or sexual orientation. We must never forget what we live and thrive for.


The Loon


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