PSA – For Those Visiting NYC or any major city

I know that it is now the holiday season. Everyone is traveling – going to see family, visiting the sites in those ever so big and iconic places. As a New Yorker, I have to see by all means you are welcomed. It’s all about experiencing life. Yet I have to remind you about some courtesies that for some reason was just part of common sense. Unfortunately I am greatly mistaken.

First thing is please try to remember not everyone walking down the street is there for the experience. There are those that actually LIVE in these cities. So we do hit the streets for other reasons outside of checking out the sights and shopping. We got places to go and real world stuff to do. So please keep in mind that as you stroll down the street that person that zoomed by you and practically knocked you down wasn’t being rude. They were probably trying to get to a job. Most of them have jobs that keep that particular city up to par for your visit. So to avoid being practically running. How about trying to walking on one side of the sidewalk instead of walking in the middle of it as if you are the only person that exist. It’s just called manners. The locals may actually surprise you how nice they will actually be.

This one is one of my biggest pet peeve. Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk suddenly. I know that in New York we get our pace going and moving, it’s the most aggravating thing one can do. It also is the cause of many pedestrian crashes. Not to mention the words you will here. Don’t expect the other locals to give you sympathy. Just be alert to those around you. We don’t know you on that level nor do we want to be that close and personal. Just saying!

Lastly, your suitcase on wheels is not a weapon. Nor is it an extension of your person. Walking with it behind you as if the people around you will given extra personal space. You can do this if you like to be cursed out, want to get kicked around and not to mention the constant unsympathetic kicks it will get.

Basically, try to be mindful of your surroundings! Be mindful of your neighbor and your stuff. Outside of that – Welcome to our town and I hope you enjoy your stay! Not to mention HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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