On this last day of the year 2016, many have woken up with the thoughts of preparing for the nights festivities. With the hopes for the carnage that will ensue from this night of celebrations. So much to do in less than 24 hours. Many have forgotten that this is also the time to take into account how this year has helped us grow as individuals. What did it teach us? Did those hard lessons push us forward? What were those ever so personal us on an individual level?

On a grander scale – Yes this year was a heartbreaking year for those of us that grew up in the ‘80’s (Yeah, I am a product of the ‘80’s), this was the year that so many of those that made our childhood all that much special were moved from this place to the next. (Where ever you may believe that place may be; if there is such a place for you.) In my personal view there are to reasons why this is so crushing to us the ‘80’s generation: One – It’s hard to say farewell to the icons that we have always viewed as immortal. (Yeah! Within the eyes of the young, the pioneers of those that changed the world are viewed as immortal which actually helped us feel that we were just as immortal.) The second reason does come along those lines. This causes us to face our own mortality! The realization that these idols actually have an expiration date, makes you question your own mortality. During this week a co-worker and I had that very discussion. While everyone was looking and worried about the next idol that may fall, we mentioned that it could be any one of us to go next. I know that many of the ‘80’s babies secretly had that very thought. (Sorry! Someone had to break the silence.)

Yes! I was even upset with 2016 for being the year that has basically taken my childhood idols away but why? Why should be upset? I should be thankful to 2016. Not for being the year most of my childhood idols pasted on but for being the year to show me such a wonderful. Correction – Remind me of something wonderful. These idols lived their lives to the fullest. They either partied it up but the majority of them lived a life of charity, activism and artistry. No matter they lived their lives in whatever manner they deemed fit. Which is the general attitude of the youth of the ‘80’s. These are who they produced. Individuals that reached for their goals and grabbed it.

“It’s not possible” has never been an anthem of the ‘80’s. “Fuck you, I’m doing it my way” is more like it. If those that grew up in the 80’s looked back on their lives, they will see that this attitude was the driving force behind or motivation within relation to our goals.

Instead of looking at 2016 as the year that took our idols and greats away, instead we should thank 2016 for reminding us that we are the movers! We are the shakers! We have passion! We have fight! We have a resilience that cannot and will not be stopped.  2016 reminded us of who we really are. (In more ways than we wished for.) Reminded us of the fire that burns deep within us. Within a global level as well as in our own individual lives.

As this year is about to be laid to rest, lets take look at this view. It really wasn’t such a bad year. In matter of fact, I would say it was a very fulfilling year. So grab the treasures that has been provided for you (whether they be as precious as diamonds or as common as pebbles), go through them, wash them, inspect them. Take from them what you will and return what provides no substance to you and your life.


Don’t walk into 2017 completely striped. Instead walk armed with these treasures and apply them to grow forth to the bad ass that you are!

Be safe tonight and tomorrow!



The Loon


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