Happy New Year All!

It’s that time when we are feeling a new, we are! Ready to start that cycle all over! A completely new and blank slate.  As if we never existed before this very day!  What a crappy way to start the new year! No wonder we fail when we try our so-called “New Year’s Resolution!” What is there to come to a resolution about? Is there anything unresolved in your life? Is that the particular angle that you want to come at this year? – “I must resolve myself!”. What a shitty way to start the year!

How about starting this year with a different mind frame. Let’s not start out with the thought that there is something within us that needs resolution. We are not a problem to be resolved! Let’s start with our evolution! We are will make a note to ourselves to evolve as individuals. I know what your saying – Blah-Blah-Blah! That evolve thingy is nothing but new age crap! Well it’s not! It’s human crap! It’s crap that we all go through. Sometimes it’s nice and sometimes it’s not so nice. That all a part of the process of living! You can try to resolve yourself if you wish yet there’s nothing wrong with you. Yet those that wish to evolve it’s not that hard.

First take a look at who it is you are at this moment, on this very day! Take into account your positive assets, qualities, talents and etc. Then go ahead and take into account your negative assets, qualities, talents and etc. You have you’re very own pros and cons list. Now there is a few important questions that you have to ask yourself here. Where do you want to go from here? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? And then the most important question is – How do you get there?

Welcome to the steps of your evolution. It’s better than going through your resolution because those are temporary. You are worth more than just temporary actions. You deserve permanent and beneficial actions. Evolve into that being that you are meant to be! As you get there reach behind and educate another on how to evolve and not resolve.

As you evolve to the you that is meant to be. Happiness, prosperity and growth will be your friend. Leeches will fall off so quickly you won’t even notice their absence. You will feel lighter than you have ever felt before that you might actually find yourself floating through the year. Purpose will fill where there was once confusion and possible emptiness. Habits that are beneficial will develop instead of habits of avoidance. What seeds will you drop within your fertile soil as you continue to reach for the skies?

Yeah! 2017 is the year of YOUR evolution.

Happy New Year to you all!

Much love,

The Loon


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