Jazz is still alive in NYC

What is there to do on a snowy night in New York City? Most would say its time to curl up and hibernate like a bear. Catch up on that show that you feel behind on. Or even just read a book. Not this little chicky. I braved the storm (It really wasn’t that bad!) Made my way to Pangea, where I had the pleasure of enjoying the stormy weather with two beautiful jazz performance. I got much more than I bargained for, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! The two songtress that I had the pleasure of hearing moved the audience with their vibrant voices and talent. They were accompanied with by equally talented basses and pianist in their own right.

I have to admit to my own ignorance, I honestly thought that places that you can go and enjoy a wonderful night of jazz were gone. My my was I mistaken. The voices of true talent is still out there and there are those that still do it for love of music itself. I was completely floored by the true and professional talent that I was witnessing on the stage before me. Truly if you love jazz and want to hear some real music I would say to check out NYC Jazz Tours at www.nycjazztour.com. They actually have an ongoing shows of the talented jazz artist in the tri-state area. There is always a show to catch. What better way to support the ongoing rare talent of this genre of real music.

The artist themselves have written and perform their original work. They are recorded artist with their own CD’s for purchase after the show. The atmosphere was very classy and cozy! What could better than a well cooked meal, a glass of your favorite drink and wonderful music! We were memorized by the voices and music. It was as if time had stood still and time was at their beckon call on whether to move forward or just stay. I have to admit by the end of both shows I found myself wanting more. They created one of those nights that you truly didn’t want to end.

I had the pleasure of hearing Vicki Burns and Aimee Allen. If you are into hearing some real talent, I highly recommend catching one of their shows and enjoying the music. I know it’s winter but you can never say that there is nothing to do. Check out (the site of organizer), come out and chill with some savory jazz.


The Loon


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