A New President Takes His Seat

Today marks the day of a new era. We swear in Donald Trump into office of President of the United States. There is a feeling of uncertainty from many within this country as we move forward. I have to be honest I truly never thought I would see this day. (Really didn’t want to see it. Yet that is neither here nor there). How I feel about this decision doesn’t truly matter. The voting system have spoken. ***Huge sigh accompanied with side way glance***

Despite this or how I personally feel doesn’t really change a thing. Today this man is being sweared in. He will be the Commander in Chief to all that serve in the military at this time. Providing the orders to their next action. Whether it be a peaceful mission or a conflict. The laws and regulations will be influenced by him and those that support him.

I share the concerns of the many. Trust me I do. Due to those concerns I plan to hit the pavement. No I am not going to bang my head on the cement pavement. (Although I expect that at times it may feel like that) What I mean is that I plan on protesting for the rights that I fear will be infringed upon by those that have no justification to make those decisions for me. We are the land of the free not the land of the chosen privileged. We are people made of blood, bone, skin and heart not a bottom line determined by dollar and cents. We are thinkers and make choices not a machine that can be programmed. (I understand that there is an argument to be had on that last statement.) My body is mind to chose what I do with it. My heart is mine to love whom I see fit. My right is to live a life where what I find fit for me is how I live. It will not be dictated by those that THINK they know what is best for me.

I hope in my heart that we are over reacting to this choice for President. I hope truly that he will surprise us with the decisions he make going forward. Only time will tell. I hope he holds this office with the same dignity and respect as those that preceded him. Meanwhile I will (and should we all) keep a close eye on the laws being passed and receded. I will be among the protesters. I will be among the letters writers. (I encourage us to take up this practice) I will be the citizen that our fore fathers imagined so long ago.

Take heed and know that this presidency will be closely watch for the next four years. Closely!


The Loon


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