Season of Light

Today is February 2nd, for many this is beginning of the season of of light. Boy do we need it. The sunlight begins to grow up here in the northern hemisphere, taking us out of the darkness of winter. Even now we can feel the daylight growing longer and stronger. Waking us from whatever sort of slumber that we have been under. A bell have been called for us for purification and preparation for the season of spring.

That being said it has become quite obvious that we are living in a time when we need to feed our internal light. This is a time to let our light shine. It is key to not forget or neglect this light during current events. We cannot spread the love if we neglect ourselves. “Healer, heal thyself” This is a saying that rings true during this season. Many plan to fight a good fight, yet during this focus to fight that fight – do not let the opposition harden you. Harden you so much that you begin to smother your own inner light.

Feed your fire by remember your inner light. Let the sun grow within you. Let your inner light shine through and provide you strength. As the sun grows and shine and provide nourishment and strength to the earth. So can you within this season.

Blessed Imbolc!

May your light shine bright!

The Loon


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