Mind, Body and You – Mindfulness

I have to start by saying that I DID NOT forget about this series. The delay of this particular post is due to the extensiveness and delicate nature of it. Our mind is a complex organism. We use it to fantasies. We use it process so many external things. We use it to get by the basically actions required for our survival. There is so much that has been studied, analysed and assumed about the mind. Where does one truly start to understand how it functions.

Yet there is a method that is spoken about scientifically and spiritually known as mindfulness. It truly a level of self awareness that has been practiced for centuries. Within the same note it has been made fun of by those that do not completely grasp the concept. Now before you go and start shewing something about this being some New Agey thing. Keep in mind mindfulness is the method most motivational speakers assist you with reaching your goals. It’s featured in videos “What the Bleep do you know?” and “The Secret”. (Both are worth watching! Just saying!)

That being said it is key to understand that how and what you think completely effects, what, who and how things are introduced into your external life. To be completely honest, I believe mindfulness is the counter to the argument of “It was because of his/her environment ….” Truly it is. I “can’t” and “can” makes a huge difference within those that succeed and those that don’t.

Like I said earlier this is a huge topic, with hundreds (and that is not an exaggeration.) of opinions, writings and experiments on it. Our mind doesn’t just stop with our thought process and actions. It effect our body, emotions, and how we react to everything. Now I ask you to take a moment and take a look at your life. Take a good honest look at where you are right now in your life. Now think (this may take a few days and that is okay.) How did I think up or what was thinking that helped my get here? Some might find that it was one precise moment in their life that changed everything. Others might see it as a way of thinking or being that was instilled at an early age. Which ever it is, your thoughts, your mind is why you are where you are?

Now don’t get all defense and point to an external force or event! Now one or thing controls your mind but you. If you can do that, then that thing or incident has been “renting space within you mind”. How much is that real estate worth to you? Is it time for an eviction or sowing?

I want to leave this with you to meditate, contemplate or whatever it is you do? If you are still confused with this concept here is a video on mindfulness by Alan Watts. https://youtu.be/emHAoQGoQic

Trust me this is a topic I will touch on several times.

The Loon


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