Cracks Within Liberty

While sitting in class (when I was much, much younger) and learning of the significance of the liberty bell the iconic symbol of our country. I have always wondered the significance of the crack on such a beautiful symbol of the ideals that this country was based on. The last 30 days have caused me to bonder this once again. Unfortunately, many have come to the belief that the name same sake of this bell is their right to push through their own person agenda among those that deem lesser or not qualified to have the right they have claimed for themselves. Before I go forward I have a few disclaimers – first so much have happened and occurred this last 30 days ( A lot that I never thought would actually occur. Ever!) that my head is spinning and my stomach is a few hundred knots. Second before I post the definition of the actual word liberty I must make it perfectly clear that this is in the context of individual rights dealing within the decision made solely on their individual preference, i.e. sexual orientation, body, spiritual choice and etc.

Now back on topic. So we are on the same page lets look at the word “LIBERTY”. Since we are talking about the Liberty Bell. Let’s really look at the true meaning of this word and not some assumption or belief. According to Merriam-Webster the word means –

1: :  the quality or state of being free:

a :  the power to do as one pleases

b :  freedom from physical restraint

c :  freedom from arbitrary or despotic control

d :  the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges

e :  the power of choice

Now I there is a longer list that I couldn’t list all here but if you want to check it out you can here. That being said and with my re-evaluation of this word that crack hits a bit harder. Now this is my perspective on that famous crack within our Liberty Bell. There is so many different words that can be used to describe my personal view. Yet there is no grouping that will not insult, offend or get some one twisted in some kind of way. So I am going to say it this way.

The crack within this bell is the crack within our view, or assumption on what this word actually means. We come to our own perception of liberty as long as it fits into what we feel it should be. (HUH!) Yeah! In plains English, if you don’t do what I think you should, don’t think the way I say you should or even act the way I believe you should act. Liberty is not for you! (SAY WHAT?) The crack within our bell of liberty is us or those that we have given the power to interpret it for the masses. Does not our Pledge of Allegiance not end with “with liberty and justice for all.It wasn’t followed with a “but”.

This misconception leads to bigotry. This misconception leads to ignorance. This misconception leads to the absence of liberty in it’s true meaning. Within our being. Within our life. Within our country.

Liberty to do with our bodies to do as we deem fit. Liberty to love whom we wish. Liberty to have our definition of family. Liberty to feel safe as we express ourselves. Liberty to worship who and how we see fit. Liberty to be! Remove the crack within our bell of liberty. As the song states – Let freedom ring.

The Loon


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