Bursting Bubbles

There is something to be said about stepping out the bubble. There are times when you just don’t realize that there are multi-layers to your initial bubble. Stepping out is only the initial step. Yet walking out completely unknowingly can bring great harm, should you be unaware of the multi layers that is established within this bubble. They are ever so delicate. For as fragile they are, it is as harsh when they suddenly burst.

The answer most would say to you is that is how life works. Yeah that is mostly true. On the same note when these bubbles burst it could be a shattering event to you. At times also to those that happen to be standing a bit to close to this ignition. How can one avoid just a collision? It is easier said than done. Be mindful!

Be mindful of how delicate your bubble have become. In the manner of avoidance that you have aloud yourself to take. It still won’t prevent this delicate bubble from bursting. In fact it might make that bursting more violent. All bubbles burst! That is not a bad thing because like everything in life, it too must come to an end. Even pretty bubbles have their expiration date. Yet not every bubble may not pretty in life.

The key to living with these bursting bubbles is to take your lessons in strive. Cry, scream and fall. Don’t forget to wipe your face! Take a lozenge (All that screaming is going to hurt your throat.). And get right back up! You have several bubbles to come. Find your comfort and let a hand pick you up if need be! And know this too shall pass!

The Loon


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