Food Review – La Caye

I have to start this review with that I am of Haitian American descent. So I tend to be very picky with it comes to the food that I grew up eating. I found my go to place for what I would call “home cooking”. This is a place that I have wanted to visit for a very long time. They are located right across from BAM in downtown Brooklyn.

They have all the favorites, Goat, Black Mushroom rice, and so much more. The food is made in an excellently delicious quality. I literally felt like my grandmother was cooking the food in the kitchen. (I rarely say that about the food that I eat. Especially Haitian food.) You have that and the wonderful service. The staff is knowledgeable about the food as well as the culture. ( I felt so comfortable with that I almost switch language while speaking to the staff. Which I quickly found out that not all of them speak.)

They have all the great things that make Haitian cuisine the uniquely wonderful staple in the Caribbean scene and now in the downtown Brooklyn scene. I truly feel my words can’t give enough justice to this spot. For me it’s home cooking. For those that are not Haitian it’s a wonderful way to experience a wonderful part of Haiti. Check out their website – for their hours and a peek at their extensive menu. It’s so worth the trip.

The Loon


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