Mind, Body And You – Spirit

If you are not right within and can’t be right without.

Your mind, your body and your spirit is all part of the human function. What motivates us and keeps us moving is the spirit. It balances out how we speak to ourselves between the mind and the body. Some would like to say that the spirit is the soul. Wish I could answer that question but like every human being on this planet I am on this journey with as much knowledge as the next on such things. I can only speak from my own personal experience.

I know without the internal spirit being right one can move forward. Now just so you know I am not preaching from a pulpit. (Those that know me can assure you that is not my way.) Nor am I hear to share you some ancient enlightened secret. ( If I know that I would be on some mountain living a stress free life filled with spiritual undisturbed bliss. Yet that is not the life I live.) What I can share with you… let me rephrase that. What I can remind you of is that you usually can’t move forward if your spirit is not straight.


Okay! We all have those few things that motivate us to take action in life. Some call it their calling. Others call it their purpose and the list can go on and on. There are times where that initial motivation gets you going. You actually start down the road and get things going. Yet does this keeps the wheels turning, when obstacles start falling in front of you.  Does it keep you interested in meeting your end goal? What is that keeps you reaching for those stars?

You got to have SPIRIT son! It’s like the blood, sweat and tears that get things done and makes it worth getting done. Your internal spirit is what makes it possible for you (the individual) to make through your daily task. Let alone the task that makes you proud at the end of the day.

Why is it that some gets there with ease, while others have to work so hard just to come close and let it drop. It’s called not working within your spirit. We feed our body with food. We feed our minds with knowledge. What do you feed your spirit with? Okay! hard on for the new ager stuff.

Our spirit is feed by the energy that we allow into our life. Into our environment. Whether or not if these are conducive for the desired results – only the individual can answer that. What I can say is to be mindful of the type of energy that you allow into your space.

Now the main question is how do you actually feed your spirit. Many does it in different ways. Many chose to use the method of prayer. Others chose to the method of meditation. And there are several other methods that people use. When it comes down to it having some sort of spiritual nutriment goes a long way. For some it’s simply having some sort of system to believe in. For others it’s a place to go of like minds. Whatever it is that tickles your spirit, it is key that you keep that flame going.

It’s a feeding that should occur on a daily basis. Just like eating and absorbing knowledge. When the spirit is intact within then there is no task that cannot be undertaken on the outside. I cannot tell you how to feed your spirit – only you can know what is good for you. All I can say is to make sure as you feed your mind and feed your body, make sure that you feed your spirit. As your spirit is filled, feed and in good shape. Just keep in mind to feed it with positive and motivating energy. There is nothing you can’t face.


The Loon


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