Thank you


Ever since I was a child I felt that pull to write. I truly can’t express the feelings that fill me for finally self publishing my first novella. I have to say “Thank you” to all that took the time to come out and check out the unknown author. I am also overwhelmed by the support those that were unable to make it. ***Happy Dance*** All of you have touched my heart. ***Twinkle eye***


I do have a long list of people to give special thanks to. Thank you Sharissa Barnett (co-owner of BeCrowned, Inc.) for giving the event that special touch. I honestly couldn’t even forseen such a wonderful vision.


Thank you to my cousin Betty Foche , who has been a wonderful motivator during this process. you handled my worst and best moments with such grace.


Thank you to my sister and her family for making it down all the way from Canada. My niece and nephew made this journey so worth it

Thank you to Fred Miller for capturing the evenings event with his keen eyes. The photos included in this post were all taken by him.


I have to say that highlight was Tyrone Schuyler the cartoonist. I highly enjoyed his artistic talent.


Thank you to Chef Omar, for providing a deliciously selection from your kitchen. The pancakes from the “Pancake Emporuim” was better than I had hoped for. Thank you to Brooklyn Blue for providing your wonderful cocktail. And a special thank you to the owners of The Tea Room for allowing us to have this event at their location.

And a huge heartfelt thank you to the readers, authors and enterpernuers that made their way out and supported. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


The Loon



2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. My copy of your book is just waiting for me to finish the K. Stanley Robinson book I’m already reading (soon). Sorry I missed this release party.WOW – SO MANY GORGEOUS LADIES! SO Much Hugging, must have been lots of LOVE in that room. Oh, and the food looks good, too. ❤ Tony


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