Mind, Body and You: What about you?

I feel that I am writing this particular post a bit late within this series. It actually should be the first thing that should come to mind when you start the process of taking care of self. I mean you are working on improving you. Yet I have to admit that I am glad I made that mistake. It proves a point, that I wanted to make from the start. We go through life placing priorities on everything that we do.

– Paying the bills

– Going groceries shopping

– Volunteer work

The list can go on and on. Yet as you go down this list – Where do you fit in? What priority do you give yourself? Now this is not a realization that was discovered for me during a spiritual search , actually. Believe it or not it was while I was taking a budget class. They ask one key question – Do you pay yourself when you get you paycheck? This ended up to be a completely foreign concept.

After this was explained in a little bit more detail it caused me to ask myself – Where else do I forget to put myself first? As I reviewed the places in my life where I have neglected to me first (and the list was sadly very long), I was horrified. Which brings me to my first point. It’s very easy to forget a very important person in this lifetime – You! There is so many things to do! So many objects, task and goals to run after. It all to easy for us to neglect the one thing that truly matter. – You!

You can’t reach any goal if you don’t put yourself first. You have to be able to maintain yourself as a whole being to move forward in anything that you do. By taking the proper steps by taking the proper steps. Getting adequate amount of sleep, eating regularly and the proper diet, and the list goes on and on. You can’t reach for those dreams if your walking in a daze. You can’t run that mile if your fuel tank is empty.


The Loon


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