Indie Spotlight: Grandpa Take me to T&T

It has been a while since I had a chance to post let alone for this Indie series. For that I apologize. This particular post is months overdue. Let’s get it to then.

During my very own book release party I had the pleasure of meeting Khamini Leston. Khamini truly did impress me as an innovating author that had paid homage to her Caribbean heritage with the children’s book called “Grandpa Take Me to T&T”. Not only did this bring a smile to my face, as I believe it will for you too. It touched me and brought me to my youth. Reminded me on how I use to inquire to my own Grandparents about the place where we are from and how I would like to know all about it. The story alone was not the only amazing part. The artwork from Zaklya Cayle brings the imagination of a child (and most adults) to life. This book is filled with vibrant colors and accurate depictions of the old country.

This children’s book says waht every child that wasn’t raised in their parents and grandparents birth country would say. The way the imagination would run to a child being told stories of days on that island they have come to know. For me it brought me wonderful memories of how i felt when I was a child and my grandfather (No I’m not kidding!) would tell me stories of his youth in his country of Haiti. You don’t have to be of Trinidadian descent to enjoy this book and sharing this with your children. Or even your nieces and nephew.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon. Honestly this book is worth picking up. Whether you have children or not.

The Loon


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