Mind ,Body and You: Dealing with Change

There is a nonphysical and physical thing that could cause reaction within someone both physically and mentally. No matter how small or large there is a reaction to this. It’s call change. Even the most stable person has a reaction to it no matter how small. This reaction is basically due to a resistance to this change. One must ask themselves why the resistance to that particular change, that you are currently going through.

When you take a moment and try to understand what is causing your resistance to whichever particular change. I looked into the different reasons why the resistance might actually exist. The first one, which i have found is a very common one. It’s fear of the unknown or sudden surprises, mostly of the unknown. To be honest no one really likes to be side swiped. Another big reason is mistrust, in either a particular situation or in another person or group of people. Trust is something that tend to be difficult to give in any given situation, let alone regain once it’s gone.

Sometimes when it comes to making or resisting change it’s all about the timing. The most resistance comes when the timing appears to be all wrong. Or shall i say comes about at the least opportune time. This is really bad for those of us that keep to a set routine. Those of us that have that need for some sort of constant stability. It works as a form to avoid any undo stress in one’s life. Keeping away tension that change can bring on.

A big  issue that contributes to the resistance to change is not seeing the big picture. Our visual range is always limited. This is not due to stubbornness or stupidity (Although at times it’s a contributing factor.) Ninety percent of the time it’s due to lack of information. Not being aware of the complete situation, which could also be due to lack of communication. This is a huge factor.

Now that we are aware of the paths of resistance. Let’s see how we can adjust to change in a more healthier manner. Like most everything else communication is key. Voicing your concerns to such change can help you get the proper information to make the change all that much easier. Which also helps you widen your view on the actual situation.

You can also try to take an active part in the change that is occurring. Preparation is key as well. I understand that one can’t prepare for everything but in those moments that you can —do.

One thing, you can do to make the change less painful is not to resist as much. (I can’t believe I’m about to write the next line. Those who know me will understand why.) Sometimes going with the flow makes the change less painful. (There i said it.)

I would like to leave off with this. When the resistance to change is so great and overbearing, you might want to stop and ask yourself why are you resisting this change so much. What is it that frightens you so much? Since you are asking yourself it would be beneficial if you are completely honest with yourself.

The Loon


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