Mind, Body and You: Listen to Your Body

We as human beings can hear all types of sounds. One of the senses that we truly rely on. Yet with this sense comes another skill we tend to lack in – Listening. I know that properly doesn’t sound correct but think about it. How many of us are good at listening? I’m talking about using your ears. Processing what is heard and take the proper action. Now if we lack in the skill of using ears in this manner, how can we home in our other senses to do exactly that.

Our body is the first and last home we will ever have within this lifetime. There is no option to move into another one. (At least at this point of our evolution.) So, there is no other option but to pay close attention to where and what our body is telling us. Our body gives us warnings of what is occurring within ourselves. That little pain or numbness, etc. could be a warning of something that is occurring that could be worst.

Yet how would you know if your body is warning you of a problem. This has to do with a displine I warned you about called mindfulness. No one knows your body better than you. It does take a level of effort on our part to be tentive on what the warning signs maybe. Special care should be taken when listening to oneself. It’s simple. Falls under easier said than done. Sometimes we just don’t want to know or believe that there is something wrong with us. Yet we eventually must face whatever is going on with us. It’s better to know sooner before it becomes too late.

With it is important to communicate what we feel or how we are feeling to a medical professional. They are there to assist us in whatever ails us.  They have the vast knowledge (or they are supposed to) that can point us in the right direction of healing this place we call our body. Throughout the years we have gotten to the point where we do not share or express what is going on with us.

Now the next thing I am about to say might be used a bit much. Yet I will say it none the less. Doing some research on your symptoms or ailments help you as well. Having the knowledge of what is really going on (or what might be going on) is key to getting on and staying on the right track. So, educating yourself is key.

So, it is important for you. The most important person to you. Know and are aware of what is really going on with you. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the only home that we have. There is no moving to a better one or replacing it. We must take care of it the best way that we can.

The Loon



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